The amount of the English Football Industry, Not Released from Football Gambling

The amount of the English Football Industry, Not Released from Football Gambling

Football and soccer gambling, two things that seem inseparable, and this we can see from sponsors of Premier League clubs who mostly get their operational funds from gambling houses.

The Premier League or Premier League is undeniably the center of world football and is believed to be the beginning of the creation of the most popular sport in the universe.

Football has become a separate industry and is growing very rapidly, not only in the UK, in other European countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and many others, the football industry has become very large and tempting for business people.

And the football industry apparently can’t escape football gambling, even a total of 60% of English football clubs get their operational money from gambling houses which are the main sponsors of their clubs.

Reported by Eurosport last year that most Premier League clubs get sponsors from football gambling houses, not only the Premier League but also the Championship division which 70% of their clubs are sponsored by gambling houses.

We can easily see this in every game that is broadcast on local television, you can see it through the jersey of the club that plays, on their chests they are clearly their main sponsors, most of whom are gambling sites.

Clubs need their operations, and money to manage clubs as big as Premier League clubs is not a small value. They can need funds even up to trillions of rupiah each year to operate their club activities. Such as player operations, club management, stadium management, their merchandise stores throughout the world, the travel of players every away game and much more.

And not many companies are able to sponsor operations of this magnitude, so this is where football gambling companies give their role. Maybe outside the gambling company there are only a handful of businessmen who can play in the world of football, such as oil kings from Arabia, world social bodies who need publications, conglomerates from Asia with their various businesses, and maybe some wealthy people who want to wash their money.

There are a number of gambling houses that are used to sponsor Premier League clubs, such as M88 based in Malta, Dafabet from the Philippines, MeanbetX also from Malta, Bet365 which also has Bet365 Stadium for Stole City, SportPesa from Kenya who once sponsored Hull City and Everton , BetEast from England, Watford with 138Bet, K8 from China, West Ham United have also been sponsored by and BetWay.Now take a look at how these features of sbobet asia.

But which club is the first to get a sponsor from a gambling house? He is Fulham who in the 2002/2003 season received a sponsor from BetFair.


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